Where to buy?

All of the ornaments pictured at the top of these pages plus many more are for sale at my website,  Paula Walton’s A Sweet Remembrance. For those who want to make your own, my Spun Cotton Ornament Class Kit by Mail can also be purchased for $130 with free shipping to US addresses. Click here to order.

4 thoughts on “Where to buy?

  1. Paula, I’d like to buy a set of head molds. I think there was five for $42.
    Could you also tell me how to use the with the spun cotton? Pam

    1. Hi Pam,

      The push molds are over on my regular website. Click here to go right to them. The price has gone up to $65 because I’ve switched to making them from silicone mold putty. It costs a lot more but the molds last longer and are easier to use. How to instructions are in your class book and I’ve also got them up on the class member site. I’ve sent you another invitation to the class Ning site. Once you sign up, the push mold instructions are in their own forum discussion, so they are easy to find.

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