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Are Spun Cotton Ornaments Like Needlefelting? and other interesting search terms…

One of the features of Word Press blogs is the ability to see the search engine terms that people use to find your blog.   I usually glance through them to get a feel for what people are interested in.  The one in particular that caught my eye today was “are spun cotton ornaments like needlefelting?”  I haven’t seen that one before, so for the inquiring soul who entered that search, the answer is no.  Spun cotton ornaments and needlefelting are nothing alike.  People are making some very adorable needlefelted figures, but the techniques used are quite different.

A popular search that has shown up a dozen times  this week, in various forms, is people who are looking for zebra and/or leopard print crepe paper streamers 🙂   In case you are wondering, I don’t have a source.  I did buy some quite a while ago from Hobby Lobby, but last time I checked they were no longer carrying them.  ( I never have figured out what to do with the ones I bought – I’m still waiting for inspiration to strike.)

Another first time search that I noticed today is “how do you stiffen crepe paper?”  You can’t really stiffen crepe paper, but by using a spray-on adhesive, you could glue two thicknesses together, which would give you a little more body.  Crepe paper is especially limp this time of year, due to the high humidity.  The humidity will also cause the colors to run and rub off on one another, if you are using two different colors right next to each other.

That is probably enough chit-chat about search engine terms to last for quite some time 🙂  But I’m sure that there will be other interesting searches tomorrow and the next day, that will lead people to this site…

Completely Off Subject

A Belated Thanksgiving Wish

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving on Thursday, followed by a terrific weekend no matter what you did, whether it was shopping, hanging out with family and friends, or just nibbling on turkey sandwiches and left-over pie.

I took an extra day and a half off from my job as curator and director of the New Milford Historical Society Museum, to bake pies and clean house.  My three sons were all home for Thanksgiving and their childhood friends, who were back in town for the holiday, popped in and out of our house all weekend.  I fed whoever was here at meal times and offered pie to everyone who walked in the door.

We had a great Thanksgiving and many, many things to be thankful for.  Among my many blessings, I am thankful for you, because you have all been wonderful students.  I’ve enjoyed talking to you in person and by email and I hope to continue to do so in the coming year.  Teaching you to make spun cotton ornaments is a joy!