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EAL Christmas 2017

Look for my article on how to make these cotton batting candy containers in the 2017 Christmas issue of Early American Life.

It won’t be long now until the 2017 Christmas issue of Early American Life, with my article on how to make cotton batting candy containers and the Holiday Craftsman Directory, is out! I just received my advance copies and it is a fun issue!!! There are several other projects, besides mine, plus recipes and Christmas themed articles to put you in a holiday mood.

P. Walton candy container article in EAL 2017 Christmas issueI don’t do as many how-to articles as I once did… so it was a bit nostalgic to visit my past and design a new project for my article. I made two versions of two different candy containers, which means there are lots of options for people to try.

A huge thank you to Early American Life for asking me to contribute to their Christmas issue and for including me in the Holiday Directory of Traditional American Craftsmen once again! ❤


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ChristmasDreamsFor the past few Christmases I have been paying to enhance the features on my Spun Cotton Class Member Ning site, so that I can post how-to videos as my Christmas present to all my students.  Everyone appreciated the videos so much that I have posted them again this year.  So if you are already a student of mine and need to brush up on your techniques a bit, make sure to stop by the class site and watch the videos.  If you have been considering taking my class, now would be the perfect time.  You may order my Spun Cotton Ornament Class by Mail on my website Paula Walton’s A Sweet Remembrance.  As soon as I receive your order I will send you an invitation to the class member site so that you can jump right in and start by watching the three how to videos while you wait for your class to arrive.

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I’ve just posted more photographs from the day of the Early American Life photo shoot at our home last December.  Several of the photos show some of my  spun cotton ornaments.  Click here to see the photos at Paula Walton’s 18th Century Home Journal.

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I have more good news to share 🙂  I’ve just received notification from Early American Life that I have been chosen for their 2012 Holiday Directory of Traditional American Crafts in two categories, both Halloween and Christmas!

This is the marks the 27th and 28th times that I have been juried into the Directory.  Thank you Early American Life!  The Christmas issue of Early American Life, which includes the Holiday Directory, will be for sale on September 11th.

This figure is a 15-inch high freestanding “Christmas Fairy” decoration. She has a pressed cotton face, hand dyed mohair hair tied with silk ribbons, and a crown of holly leaves and silver bullion wire.  Her body is spun cotton over a wire armature.  Standing upon a mica dusted spun cotton moon, she is wearing a party frock comprised of layers of crepe paper – with edges cut using an antique pinking machine, adorned with vintage miniature glass Christmas balls.  Her shoes and wings are made of silver glass glitter.  The stars on her wand are antique Dresden paper trim.

A 5-inch tall swinging girl Christmas ornament with a wire armature, which allows her to be posed in a sitting position on a glitter covered swing with tinsel roping. She has a free form spun cotton face. Her hair is made from hand dyed kid mohair, tied with a pink silk ribbon.  She is wearing layered crepe paper petticoats and a skirt, topped with a scalloped trimmed jacket made of vintage cotton Christmas drape. Sparkly pink glitter shoes cover her feet.

This figure is an elaborate fantasy combination of a spun cotton ornament and a paper doll with crepe paper clothing, such as those produced by the Dennison Company in the early 1900’s.  Her body is spun cotton over a wire armature, with a chromolithographed paper scrap face.  Standing upon a mica dusted spun cotton moon, she is wearing a party frock comprised of layers of crepe paper – with edges cut with an antique pinking machine and tulle, trimmed with velvet ribbon and luna moths made of embossed Dresden paper.   Over her shoulders she wears a crepe paper and tissue paper cape.  Her hat is fashioned from wool felt, accented with velvet ribbon and a crepe paper blossom.  Other details include Dresden paper bangle bracelets and shoes made of black flocking and glitter. In her hand is a crystal ball, for telling the future, & in her bag are stars to sprinkle amongst the heavens.

This figure is a larger sized version of a traditional spun cotton ornament. Her face is made of pressed and molded cotton.  Like all spun cotton figures, she has a wire armature, which allows her to be posed in a sitting position.  Her hair is made from hand dyed kid mohair.  I costumed her in an outfit reminiscent of those shown in early 1900’s crepe paper crafting books published by the Dennison Company.  She is wearing a dress and multiple layers of petticoats fashioned from crepe paper, trimmed in black Dresden trims and velvet ribbon.  Her hat is made from wool felt, with a velvet band and a glittered hatpin.  Sparkly glitter shoes, Dresden paper bracelets, and a ruffled owl mask are the finishing touches on her Halloween ensemble.

These ornaments are so new that they are not even up on my website yet 🙂  Email me at paula@asweetremembrance.com if  you are interested in having me make one for you.

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