Ning Class Site Closing

Heads up Spun Cotton Class Members!  I have started a private facebook group for my spun cotton students. (Sorry this group would only be open to class  members who have purchased my spun cotton ornament class by mail.)  I sent out a group email message and also posted this information on the Ning class site. No one has been using the Ning site recently so we have moved… Please save any information you want to keep from .

4 thoughts on “Ning Class Site Closing

  1. Hi Paula, I’m not a previous member of your Ning group, but received this email. I did just sign up for the class by mail (can’t wait!) and would be very interested in a FB group. Thanks so much! Jennifer

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    1. Hi Jennifer!

      I received your order. Thank you!!! I send you an invitation to the current class site, that way you can read through and grab any information there that you want and I’ll put you down as a yes vote for a private facebook page. So far we have a few people interested, keeping my fingers crossed that there will actually be enough to make a group possible 🙂

  2. Hi: I want to get back into spun cotton and wondered if you were still doing classes by mail and if you were going to be doing the FB page? Happy Easter!


    1. Hi Pat,
      Yes I am still doing the classes by mail and the private facebook page for students has been up and running for about 6 months or so. If you are a student you can find information up on the class member Ning site (they still haven’t closed it) about being invited to the facebook page.
      Thank you!

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