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Antique Inspiration

This is the most recent addition to my collection of antique spun cotton ornaments. I think that this chubby checked boy , dressed in red and white crepe paper, is in wonderful condition considering that he has celebrated 100 or so Christmases.

I was delighted to find this spun cotton ornament on Sunday, when I went to the Jenny Lind Doll Club’s annual Doll Show in Southbury, CT.   I wasn’t expecting to see any antique or vintage Christmas items, so he was a wonderful surprise.  I think he is quite adorable,  so much so that I plan to make reproductions of him for Christmas this year.  I’ll also be posting directions for creating a replica on my Spun Cotton Ornament class member only site for all of my students.

Cute from every direction!
Here he is again, along with two tiny vintage evergreen trees that I also bought at the show on Sunday. If you are wondering about the chest he is standing in front of, it's a small 2 drawer antique chest that I painted with mural like scenes of the Peaceable Kingdom.

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